Preparing Your Vehicle for Winter Driving

During the winter, you must put into practice the following tips to ensure your safety and the safety of other drivers on the road.

Top Off Your Fluids. Inspect your antifreeze while your engine is cold by using a tester to check the mixture for its freeze point. Stop into Mighty Discount Automotive in Centereach 11720 to have all your fluids inspected and topped off.

Have Your Battery Checked. Cold weather starts make the vehicle battery work much harder. Getting stranded during the winter can be potentially dangerous. Have your battery inspected at the start of the winter season. Come into Mighty Discount Automotive today, and we'll take care of that battery.

Change Your Oil and Oil Filter. Clean, high quality engine oil goes a long way in protecting the motor in cold start situations. Please refer to your owner's manual to ensure your are using the recommended oil. Mighty Discount Automotive can do that for you! Stop in today for an oil change in Centereach 11720.

Visually Inspect All Lights. Check marker bulbs, tail lights, third level brake lights, headlights and driving lights. Shorter days during the winter time require bulbs to work for longer hours.

Have Your Tires Checked and Replaced If Necessary. Winter driving requires traction in snow and ice. Check your tire pressure regularly. Please refer to your owners manuals for proper tire pressure. If you need any tire services or have any questions, please call Mighty Discount Auto today.

Check Your Wiper Blades. Make sure that your wiper blades are in top condition. Also make sure to check the back windshield blades as well.

Have Your Engines Belts and Hoses Inspected. Cracked, frayed or worn out hoses won’t stand up to temperature extremes and can pose a dangerous situation to you on the road. The experts at Mighty Discount Automotive will inspect and replace your belts and hoses. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Have Your Brakes Inspected. If your brakes are not working properly, you put yourself in a dangerous situation on the road during the winter. Ensure your safety and others safety while on the road by having your brakes inspected and replaced at Mighty Discount Automotive.

Protect Your Car's Paint. Salt, snow and rain are tough on your car's paint. Apply a coating of a quality car wax. This will add another barrier between your car's paint and the everyday grime from the road.

Prepare an Emergency Kit.In the event of an accident, or if you become stranded have an emergency kit prepared. This kit should include: a flashlight, batteries, blanket, bottled water, bars (high in carbohydrates), jumper cabled, flares, first aid kit, cell phone, notepad and pen, and finally a help sign.

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