Summer Auto Maintenance

By performing summer maintenance you are preventing breakdowns and ensuring the safety of those in the car with you.

The travel season is upon us.Your vehicle should be in it's optimum working condition to avoid being stuck on the side of the road. The extreme temperatures during the summer cause additional stress on your car.

Mighty Discount Automotive would like to provide a few tips for summer auto maintenance to keep your car in optimum working condition. Since 1984, Mighty Discount Auto has been providing Centereach 11784 and surrounding areas with superb auto repair services.

Before heading out on your road trip, inspect all fluids and filters. Top off all fluids and replace filters as needed. ALWAYS check your coolant! If it's been a while since you had an oil change, now would be the perfect time to have this service done. Changing the air filter is also a good idea. Refer to your owners manual on when to replace your air filter, as every make and model has different specifications on the matter.

Be sure to have your A/C system inspected to ensure that it working correctly! Nothing is worse than sitting in traffic on a hot summer day, only to have the A/C system stop working.

Be sure to have your brakes inspected! Ensure your safety and the safety of others traveling with you by having your brakes inspected. Here are a few things to look out for:

If you observe any of the above, contact your mechanic immediately, or call Mighty Discount Auto for brake services!

Now that you have inspected your breaks, be sure to inspect your tires. High temperatures can cause the tire pressure to change. Tires should be properly inflated. Over-inflated tires make less contact with the road, which can lead to hydroplaning after a rain storm. Under-inflated tires put more pressure on the sidewalls, which can lead the tire to blow with enough heat and pressure. Tread should also be inspected. Stick a penny into the tread, if you can see Lincoln's head, you will need a new tire. Don't forget to have a good spare tire, should you ever need it!

Have your battery inspected to ensure that it holds it charge and is not over-charging. This will shorten the battery's lifespan drastically. All terminals should be free of any debris or build-up. All connections to the battery must be secure.

Check all your hoses and belts for cracks, looseness, and cracks. If you observe any of the mentioned conditions, have your hose or belt replaced immediately. Contact Mighty Discount Auto to schedule a Hose or Belt service today.

Replace your windshield wipers. The summer can be plagued with rain and thunderstorms. The winter months can be harsh on your wipers, causing the rubber to crack. Having new wipers ensures that you will be able to see through your windshield during wet conditions.

. If you have any questions about auto repair services in Centereach 11784, contact us today!