Your vehicles brakes are one of the most important components in keeping you safe on the road.

Over time, your brakes will wear. Having your brakes regularly inspected and serviced will save your time and money in the future by avoiding costly repair services.

If you experience any of the follow, please have your breaks inspected or replaced as soon as possible
Squealing or grinding sound when pressing on your brake pedal.
Your Brake Warning Light is on and stays on.
Spongy or low brake pedal when your foot depresses it.
Your vehicle pulls to one side when your brakes are applied.
You have to replace and/or add brake fluid more than once every few months.
Brake pedal sinks to the floor.
What's included in our brake repair service:
Replacing worn brake pads and shoes.
Lubrication of related hardware.
Machine resurfacing or replacement of drums or rotors.
Topping off of brake fluid.
Replacing necessary components.
Test drive to ensure brakes are working correctly.
Brake Warning Lights

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